About Us

Our Story

The Lentini’s company of car hire and taxi service, was born thanks to a long experience in the field of transports. Nowadays he is still active in the scheduled bus services.

The passion for the transports has always been the heart of the activity of Lentini’s family. For this, Giampiero wanted to increase the quality of his services, by adding the car hire and the taxi service, of which he looks after with seriousness and professionality. Thanks to the amount of his means of transport, there are a lot of services, such as the hire of coach or the hire of car, with or without the driver. Moreover, there is the taxi service and the transfer from the airport, the port or the station.

What we offer

One of the most important news, is the car hire for receptions. You can rent a period car, for wedding parties, or rent a sports car for birthday parties. There also is the taxi service, if you want to go to the theatre or any other place. Moreover, there are a lot of guided tours in Apulia or Basilicata, which offer important advices about different places that you can visit. In these places, full of relax and comfort, you can reside and appreciate typical meals.

Our means of transport are very comfortable. There is the air-conditioning, the stereophonic sound system, the monitor TV with USB plug and DVD player, reclinable seats with safety belts, individual lights and so on. Our drivers are specialized and they all are provided by regular title of immatriculation for hire service, and limits of liability R.C. (risks for transported persons).

Thanks to our mechanic’s workshop, our cars are constantly checked. Moreover, our mechanics realize ordinary maintenances and they are able to solve every type of problem, found during the service.

If you want a special service, contact us.


The services are:

  • Car hire
  • Car hire with driver
  • Car hire for receptions
  • Taxi service
  • Transfer from airport, port, station, theatres or ceremonies
  • Guided tours in Apulia or Basilicata
  • Coach hire for groups, with 7, 9, 19, 30, 54, 64 or 77 seats